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The Avansa MixCount 2825 mixed note counter will count up to 4 different currencies in mixed note mode. It offers the latest technology with a touch screen, currency detection, and batching). You can attach a printer (optional extra). This will improve cash-up time and reduce human error. The MixCount 2825 will count mixed denominations and give you a breakdown and grand total (MIX MODE) or stop when the machine finds a note of different denominations (SGL MODE).

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  • Up to 4 currencies  (ZAR, USD, EURO, etc)
  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Dual CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
  • Avansa's 5 point counterfeit detection system (MG / UV / IR / IMAGE / 3D)
  • Mixed VALUE, single VALUE counting
  • CE and ECM (European Central Bank) certified
  • Pattern recognition for notes
  • Smooth counting mechanism (even soiled and damaged notes)
  • Best in-class reject rate
  • Optional Printer
  • One-year warranty

The Ultimate in Banknote Counting and Detection

The Avansa MixCount 2825 is our most advanced banknote counter, offering professional-grade mixed-note counting and counterfeit detection. Designed and tested for high-volume use, the 2825 is ideal for businesses that need fast, error-free counting for multiple currencies and proven 100% accurate banknote authentication.

Continuous Feeding for Optimal Efficiency

The MixCount's front-loading hopper makes it possible for you to keep adding notes while it runs, for continuous counting—ideal in environments where time and accuracy are of the utmost importance

Top-of-the-Line Counterfeit Detection

The Avansa MixCount 2825 uses the latest counterfeit detection technology to scrutinise seven advanced security features built into today’s currencies: ultraviolet ink, infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, colour, size and thickness. This technology is so reliable it will detect double notes and half notes. You’ll know with 100% certainty whether each note is genuine or counterfeit.

Add and Batch Counting Features

Let the MixCount help you optimise your cash-counting workflow. Press the convenient “add” button and it will automatically keep track of the total note count across individual runs. Press “batch” and enter the desired number of notes and the MixCount will automatically pause each time it counts out that number. There’s no faster way to prepare your bank deposits and cash drawers.


Counting Speed 800 - 1500 notes / min
Hopper Capacity 500
Stacker Capacity 200
Net Weight 7kg
Warranty 1 year 

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