Product Description

Stop counterfeits from affecting your business and protect your hard-earned cash with this counterfeit detection system that uses ultraviolet (UV), watermark (WM) and a magnifying lens. Approved by the SABS.

The Avansa MaxDetect 190 is great for banks, bars, gas stations, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theatres and other large retail stores. This compact and easy-to-use unit protects the user against counterfeit currency. The Avansa MaxDetect 190 counterfeit detectors will make security features visible on not only currency but also on credit cards, cheques, ID’s, passports & permits.


    • Saves time and Labor cost
    • Reduces cost due to human error
    • Compact
    • Portable
    • Easy to use
    • Replacement bulbs available
    • Powerful 16w (2 x 16W) UV & WM lights
    • Suitable for all currencies
    • Suitable for all driving licenses and official documents
    • Suitable for ID cards and credit cards
    • Low power consumption

    Super UV & White Light Power

    Powerful UV bulbs project twice the light onto your banknote or ID card, making it easier to see its UV features under normal lighting conditions.

    Identify Banknotes' UV Security Features

    Every modern banknote has integrated UV security features that only show up under ultraviolet light at a certain frequency. The Avansa MaxDetect 190 is designed specifically to help you verify these features and identify potentially counterfeit banknotes.

    Powerful Backlight Area for Added Verification

    To provide comprehensive manual counterfeit detection, the Avansa MaxDetect 190 has a convenient integrated white-light area to help you visually identify the metallic thread, watermarks and microprint built into modern banknotes. Featuring 16 Watt powerful white light the backlight area clearly illuminates these banknote security features for fast, easy identification.

    Rapidly Verify ID Cards

    The Avansa MaxDetect 190 not only reveals the integrated UV security features in modern banknotes; it also instantly illuminates the UV security features built into today’s credit cards, passports and other ID documents, as well as UV ink applied to protect valuable items from theft or confirm event admission.

    Small and Stylish

    We designed the Avansa MaxDetect 190 with countertop use in mind. Its compact size takes up a minimum of space beside your register, and its sleek look—available in duotone grey or black—complements every business interior.

     1 Year Warranty

    Our products are manufactured to exacting quality standards and come with a comprehensive one year warranty against defects. This excludes bulbs.


    Dimensions (mm)  268 x 116 x 107
    Net weight 0.5kg
    Power Supply 220v 50hz
    Power Consumption 16W
    Warranty  1 year


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