Product Description

Dual-Function Protection Against Counterfeit Notes

Discover the power of dual security with the Avansa Counterfeit Detector Pens Pack, a must-have tool for every business handling cash transactions. These pens are not just ordinary counterfeit detecting markers; they offer a 2-in-1 test to ensure the authenticity of your currency. The special ink verifies the paper material, while the integrated 365nM UV light reveals hidden UV security features, making it an essential tool for detecting counterfeit South African notes, US dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars, and more.

Quick, Easy, and Infallible

Developed with advanced technology, these portable counterfeit detectors are the quickest and easiest way to identify fake money. The process is simple: use the pen to draw a mark on any banknote. If the mark turns dark, the note is counterfeit; if it stays yellow, the note is genuine. This immediate reaction provides a foolproof method to stop fakes effectively.

Enhanced UV Light Detection

The Avansa pack includes a pen equipped with a specialized UV light, specifically designed to detect counterfeit currencies. This 365nM UV light is tailored to uncover security features in various currencies, including the new South African notes, making it an indispensable tool in your fight against counterfeit money.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Not only are these counterfeit detecting pens effective, but they are also economical. Capable of performing up to 10,000 note detections, Avansa's pens offer a cost-effective solution to safeguard your business against fake money.

What's Included in Your Pack

  • 1 Advanced Counterfeit Money Detector Pen with UV light and 3 built-in replaceable batteries.
  • 2 Standard Money Checking Pens (ink only).

Please note: These pens are designed to work on paper notes only and are not suitable for polymer (plastic) notes.

In the Box

  • 1 x Advanced Counterfeit Detecting Pen (Ink and UV)
  • 2 x Standard Counterfeit Detecting Pens (Ink Only)

Equip your business with the Avansa Counterfeit Detector Pens Pack and ensure the authenticity of every transaction. It's the easiest, most efficient, and cheapest way to stop fake money.

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