Product Description

Upgrade your Avansa Note & Coin Scale 4800 with the custom-designed printer for effortless record-keeping and enhanced efficiency. This versatile printer seamlessly integrates with your scale, allowing you to generate detailed reports for both note and coin counting operations.

Effortless Operation, Powerful Results:

  • Simple Design: Featuring a single, user-friendly button and clear LED indicators, the printer ensures intuitive operation for anyone, maximizing efficiency without complicated setups.
  • Adaptable Performance: Print detailed records for both note and coin counting, providing a comprehensive audit trail for all your cash handling activities.

Compact Design, Lasting Performance:

  • Space-Saving Solution: The Avansa Note & Coin Scale 4800 Printer maintains a compact footprint, making it ideal for any workspace.
  • Reliable Printing: Thermal technology delivers crisp, clear reports, while the standard 57mm x 40mm paper width ensures readily available spare paper rolls.

Boost Accuracy and Efficiency:

  • Detailed Receipts: Generate printed reports that detail the denomination, quantity, and total value of your counted notes and coins. This eliminates the risk of human error and simplifies tasks like bank deposits and cash drawer settlements.

Invest in Convenience:

The Avansa Note & Coin Scale 4800 Printer is an essential add-on for businesses that value speed, accuracy, and versatility in cash handling. Experience the convenience of printed reports for both notes and coins, and streamline your cash processing workflow today!

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