Product Description

Prepare to redefine efficiency and security in your cash transactions with the Avansa TD 3D Deep Transaction Drawer, a robust solution designed to streamline operations, safeguard valuables, and empower your business like never before. This extra-spacious drawer effortlessly accommodates large volumes of cash, documents, and even small goods, transforming every transaction into a seamless and secure experience for both staff and customers.

Speed Unrivalled, Wait Times Exiled: Wave goodbye to bottlenecks and long lines. The deep drawer design facilitates lightning-fast exchanges, minimizing customer wait times and maximizing satisfaction scores. Imagine a world of happy customers and unprecedented operational efficiency – the perfect recipe for success in any cash-intensive business.

    Fortify Your Valuables with Unwavering Protection: Rest assured, your assets are in safe hands. The incredibly sturdy 3mm mild steel base and anodised aluminium frame serve as a formidable fortress for your valuables. A movable stainless steel pay trough, locking in three positions, creates an additional layer of security, separating staff and customers for enhanced peace of mind. For ultimate protection in high-risk environments, optional bullet-resistant models are available.

    Organization Ascendant, Clutter Vanquished: Tame the chaos of cash with a drawer that offers ample space for large stacks of bills, coins, and documents. Maintain a clutter-free workstation and promote seamless transaction flow, ensuring efficiency and organization reign supreme.

    Adaptability That Bends to Your Needs: The TD 3D effortlessly integrates into your existing setup, offering drop-in compatibility for both new installations and existing bulletproof pay windows (matching dimensions required). An adjustable pay trough accommodates diverse transaction positions, and compatibility with various cash management systems further enhances its versatility.

    Effortless Installation, Maintenance a Breeze: Get up and running in just 3-5 days with our straightforward design and minimal installation requirements. The durable construction promises years of trouble-free operation, while the easy-to-clean stainless steel pay trough keeps maintenance at a minimum.

    Invest in the Avansa TD 3D Deep Transaction Drawer and witness the transformation:

    • Dramatically reduced wait times, leading to happier customers
    • Enhanced employee safety and unparalleled peace of mind
    • Increased efficiency and organizational prowess
    • Durable construction that demands minimal maintenance
    • Quick and versatile drop-in installation


    Dimensions (mm) 520 x 440 x 185
    Cut Out (mm) 470 x 420
    Net Weight 16kg
    Warranty 1 year 

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