Product Description

In today's business world, the security of cash, documents, and other valuable assets is paramount. Our range of security bags and seals, including cash bag seals, key bag seals, and till bag seals, offers a robust control system for businesses seeking peace of mind. Crafted for security and reliability, these tamper-evident products are essential for eliminating theft and fraud in any business setting.


  • Each seal has a unique serial number
  • Fits our bags locking chamber, it also fits CPT and Truseal bags.
  • White with laser printer black serial number
  • 250 seals per pack

Versatile Applications Across Various Industries

  • Banking: Secure cash handling and document protection are crucial in the banking sector. Our security bags and seals offer reliable solutions for transporting and storing sensitive items.

  • Retail: Protect daily cash earnings and important documents with our till bag seals and cash bag seals, enhancing your retail operation's security.

  • Cash-in-Transit: Our security bags are ideal for cash-in-transit operations, ensuring safe and secure transport of large sums of money.

  • Gaming: In the gaming industry, handling large amounts of cash and chips is a daily routine. Our security solutions provide the necessary safeguards.

  • Hospitality: For hotels and restaurants, securing daily earnings and sensitive customer information is vital. Our security bags and seals offer a dependable way to protect these assets.

  • Churches and Non-Profits: Secure collections and donations effectively with our tamper-evident bag seals, maintaining the integrity of contributions.

  • General Use: Anyone needing to secure their valuables can rely on our security bags and seals for peace of mind and safety.

Browse Our Range or Consult with Our Experts

Explore our extensive selection of security bags, key bag seals, till bag seals, and other security solutions below. If you need further advice, our friendly risk consultants are ready to assist you in finding the perfect security solution for your business.

Types of Security Bag Seals:

  • Key Bag 22×14 cm
  • A4 Cash Bag 26×28 cm
  • A3 Cash Bag 38×40 cm
  • A3 Till Bag 46x36×10 cm

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